Lee has an extensive background in photography, computer graphics, animation and design. This background allows him to create a dramatic composition through his viewfinder that creates the perfect picture worthy of capturing the memory each time the shutter is clicked, ensuring the best photos each and every time.

Lee doesn’t believe in sticking to the norm when he is on a shoot. Rather, Lee encourages his subjects to have fun, and allow their true self to be captured.  Through this type of technique, Lee is able to capture those expressions, smiles and unique “looks” that make you, well...You!

Poised with a professional, yet fun-loving attitude, he makes clients feel right at home, and confident that he is your personal photographer. 

You will never be left second guessing whether the right shots were captured, or that the one special moment wasn’t noticed.  Don’t worry,

it was, and will be captured forever!



Lee B.

Studio Location:


Equipment Used:

Nikon DSLR Cameras

Nikon Lenses

Sigma Lenses

Nikon Flashes

Alien Bee Lighting

Apple Pro Computers

Digital Post Processing Software

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